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Pet breeding

There are a lot of pet food and toys on the market, but there are a lot of people because it is just the beginning of the pet is not very understanding, do not know the pet food and pet toys is not really necessary, in fact, I am here to give you advice is best not to use the super city or the store to buy a pet food, first of all do not understand the main components of a food, do not know whether the pet’s body is good, and some people say that eating pet food animal fur is not very bright, resistance is relatively poor. So for the sake of the health of pets, or cook yourself to your pet.

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Why take a bath

The dog the secretion of the sebaceous glands have a bad smell, these secretions with grease properties, if the skin and hair accumulate more, coupled with the outside world with dirt on the body, as well as some feces after leaving, can make the hair entanglement, bursts of odor. In some hot and humid areas, it is more likely to incur the invasion of pathogenic microbes and parasites if the GG is not bathed. Therefore, bathing GG, in addition to keeping the skin clean and hygienic, is more conducive to the health of the GG.

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Pick up the dog food

Special dog food is in accordance with the nutritional requirements of the dog, specially developed for the dog all nutritious food, so it is not harmful to feed the special dog food every day. There are many kinds of special foods, such as nutrition component and heat into small dogs and activities like Yorkshire as a large amount of Great Dane required there are great differences. The purchase of special dog food should be selected according to the different growth period of the dog’s seed and dog.

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