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Disposable blue mask


Environmental friendly all plastic strip is used at the bridge of nose, free of any metal, with ventilation, for daily use. Disposable masks (medical surgical masks) can prevent respiratory tract infection to a certain extent

Anti-fog eye mask LYM01


Protective artifact for travel rework during epidemic prevention
Blocks harmful liquid splashes from droplets
Eyes, Mouth and Nose
High-density crowd contact protection artifact

Temperature gun-YW8806H


Body temperature gun facing 3 ~ 5 cm
The temperature can be measured by pressing the measurement button for 1 second.
It is recommended to take an average of about 3 measurements as a temperature reference

Wear masks, gloves when in contact with public facilities, do not gather, do not gather meals, and stay away from the crowd

Our team

  • After years of unremitting efforts, we have established cooperative relationships and owned shares with many professional medical protection factories!

  • In the production process, our company adopts a flexible and changeable way, and chooses different cooperative manufacturers in different situations to ensure the quality and the price and delivery time can also meet the requirements!

  • The occurrence of new coronavirus disrupted our original lives. Fighting the epidemic is something that we should all do our best. Our factory strictly implements safety production, safety management measures, and produces epidemic protection equipment. We will I will ship it to you in no time!

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Only a strict production environment and an orderly production process can produce standards-compliant protective equipment.










What our team says

Pay tribute to all medical staff fighting this epidemic and overcome the virus as soon as possible!

During the epidemic, everyone must be well protected, wash their hands frequently, and pay particular attention to wearing a mask and handling it properly. Overcome difficulties!

Mr. Brian Hua, General designer

Thank you to every first-line doctor and everyone who is still working. I hope everyone can protect themselves and everything will be fine!

Mr. Matthew Wei, Overseas Manager

Recently the sun is shining and spring is here. I hope this epidemic will end soon.

Miss Peggy Lin, Marketing Director

Pay tribute to all medical workers fighting the front line of fighting new pneumonia!

Mr.Harvey Meng, Designer

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Love me, love my dog.

Wearing a mask is an effective way to block the spread of respiratory secretions

Hope to get better soon and overcome this epidemic as soon as possible